Mindful Monday

One of my goals for last week was to run 20 miles for the week. I ran only 3. Whew! It's hard to run at 4,600+ altitude when you are used to 600. And it is damn hot...around 100 degrees every day that I have been here in Grand Junction. So there you have it... my excuses. Movin' on. 

I did check out the local yoga/fitness scene a bit. I went to a vinyasa flow class at one studio and a barre class at another. Barre class, holy shit. My calves are still sore, and it has been about five days since class. 

And I have been walking and biking everywhere. I haven't been in a car since July 4th. I did take the bus a couple times when Nick was here, though, because it would have been a little difficult to transport him and his luggage on my bike. ;)

What I am grateful for
+ slow summer days
+ time to read, time to reflect
+ being in a beautiful place (geographically speaking)
+ farmers markets, outdoor music
+ meeting a lot of nice people

This has become my favorite thinking spot: on a bench under a tree in a park overlooking the Colorado River and Mount Garfield. 

+ run 20 miles
+ read more

We have to just keep setting our goals/intentions. If we were (our definition of) perfect, we wouldn't need to set intentions. Keep moving, breathing, being. That's what's important. 

Have a great week!


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