The Pink Ukulele Lessons: Week 1

Oh my gosh, I just could not wait for today to get here to begin my ukulele lessons. Remember the story about the pink ukulele and how I said I would give it 15 lessons before giving up? Today was Week 1, my very first lesson! And I loved it. 

My teacher's name is Jon, and I felt very comfortable with him. The first thing he did was show me how to hold the ukulele. For some strange reason, I was holding the neck with my right hand and strumming with my left. I'm right handed. I don't know why I did that. But it made for a good laugh to start things off, and I warned him that I was going to be a challenging student as I really have no musical knowledge.

Then Jon took me out to the showroom to pick out a music book. So many possibilities! Looking at all the books (and songs!) for ukulele made me even more eager to learn how to play one. Wow, I could learn how to play some Adele?! I settled on a four chord book, and then Jon took me back into the lesson room to show me how to play those four chords: C, F, G, Am. Next thing you know, I was working my way very roughly and very slowly through "Stand by Me" and "Do Wah Diddy Diddy." I couldn't believe I was already playing (okay, stumbling through) a song.

I find the G chord very awkward. Every time I saw it on the music sheet, I thought, "Ugh, the G." And timing is a challenge. I tend to want to strum with each word of the lyrics. Certainly I have lots of practicing to do, but I feel confident about this journey.

Maybe I really can do this. 


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