Mindful Monday

Happy Monday!

So, yeah, I've skipped a couple of Mindful Mondays here. Oops. I've been transitioning back into day job work mode. And also trying to focus more on those goals/intentions that I keep posting...

I still haven't gotten up to 20-miles a week with my running, but I am getting some running in each week and building back that base that I let slip away. I want to keep working toward that goal. I am now up to six miles on my long run and have signed up for a race. Yikes. It's been ages since I ran in an event.

I am back out on my bike(s). And, damn, that feels good. I have 188 bike miles in so far for the month. I will be writing more about the bike adventures. :)

In my last Mindful Monday post, I also said that I want to get back out to the local yoga studios. I did take that step. I bought a ten-class pass at a local studio but have made it in there only once so far. I also bought a three-class pass at a yoga friend's studio further north and made it up there once so far. I definitely need more yoga, both at home and in-studio.

A pic from yesterday's short ride to top off 100 miles for the week

What I am grateful for
  • inner peace
  • weekend adventures
  • Skinnytaste, Weight Watchers and the like for healthy recipes!
  • good health, you just can't take that for granted
  • music... I seem to need music in my life right now. Listening to Willie Nelson right now as I blog. And my uke lessons are one of the highlights of my week. 

  • lose ten pounds
  • working up to 20 miles a week in running
  • much more yoga 
  • continue 100 miles of cycling each week
I hope you have a healthy, happy week. Spread good vibes. It's so important. 


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