The Pink Ukulele Lessons: Weeks 2-5

I love, love, love the ukulele.

I am now five weeks into my lessons and getting pretty obsessed with all things uke. I've already bought a second uke (a concert uke) and am following all kinds of uke sites and researching uke players and events. So. Much. Fun.

Here's a little video I made way back in week one to post to Facebook to see whether my friends could identify the song I was working on. Excuse the way I look without makeup and with helmet head as I had just gotten back from a morning bike ride.

Here in week five, I am getting better at moving more smoothly between chords. Strumming is a bit challenging for me. I have the urge to strum to the lyrics. Coordinating the strumming with the chords with the lyrics is a musical juggling act.

I really look forward to my lesson each week. It is only 30 minutes long and goes so fast. I am working on about five different songs at this point and will post a new video soon. I've progressed quite a bit since this first video. Sure, I am still stumbling along, but I am progressing nonetheless and enjoying every second of this new little adventure. 


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