Mindful Monday

Happy Monday, all!

It is cold and snowy here in the Midwest -- as to be expected for early February -- with another weather event on its way within the next couple of hours. These cold winter days are the perfect time to slow everything down and re-analyze personal wants and needs. Sometimes we just go, go, go until we reach a point of complete physical and mental exhaustion. You don't have to keep going at that pace. Just stop for a spell and think about what you want to start saying no to. I spent much of 2017 clearing things off my plate, and, let me tell you, it is so much more fulfilling to be doing things that are truly feeding my mind, body, and spirit.

Some quiet time savoring a cafe latte at a patisserie in Chicago is something that feeds my soul. 

I finally lost that 10 pounds. I credit the changes I made in my eating habits about six months ago. Almost all of my meals anymore are homemade with as many fresh and chemical-free ingredients I can find. Making better food choices is key to feeling better physically and mentally. I have been struggling with getting enough physical activity, though. This winter I haven't been too interested in going out into the cold. I need to muster up more motivation in that respect. I have been enjoying a hot yoga class one evening a week. I have found it is easier to go to the yoga studio straight from work. If I go home first, I get too comfortable or start doing other things and don't want to go back out.

I'd like to work on my yoga/meditation home practice. I have fallen away from meditating every day, and my home yoga practice hasn't been happening at all. And I can tell. It's interesting how the body has a way of alerting us to areas that need more attention (again, if only we slow down enough to listen). For me, I feel it in a lot of places, but particularly in my hamstrings, and I see it in my posture. As I mentioned in previous Mindful Monday posts, I am not the least bit interested in getting caught up into training for anything at this point. I do, however, feel I need to get back to biking and running because those are the activities I most enjoy. My goal for this week is to incorporate running and biking back into my life at a level that isn't taking over my life. I am going to shoot for ten miles of running this week and 50 miles of cycling (probably on the trainer). I want to move more, but I don't want to dread the thought of it. I also want to get outside for some grounding walks in nature.

I wish you all a healthy week. I would love to hear about your own health-focused goals.


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