Mindful Monday

Good Monday morning, all!
It has been snowing around here, so much so that the schools were closed on Friday and many flights were canceled out of Chicago over the weekend. A beautiful mess, you might say. Sometimes it is nice for everything to come to a screeching halt. I loved what I saw on social media over the weekend: so many pictures of kids (and even adults) full of joy as they bundled up and immersed themselves in the beauty and wonder of the outdoors, and posts about healthy, home-cooked meals. Ah, this is what warms our spirits in the depths of a Midwestern winter.

I myself spent a good part of Saturday cooking: making bagels, a spinach pasta salad, and (organic locally grown) lamb chops. And on Sunday, after shoveling my driveway for the third time in a week, I got outside as well for a two-mile walk along the Kankakee River and around Perry Farm. The soft cushion of snow provided a landscape of serenity in both the inner and outer sense. Alone, this was in every way a walking meditation.

As mentioned, I got a nature walk in. I need much more of that. I also got 11.5 miles in on my bike on the trainer. I didn't get those 50 miles in, but I did get moving, and that is a start in the right direction. I didn't get any running in. But I did get on my yoga mat at home once over the week.

So, yeah, I need to keep working toward that goal of 50 miles on the bike and 10 miles of running each week to rebuild my fitness foundation. And, definitely more yoga and meditation. I want to try to get 70,000 steps in this week, too.

May your week be filled with much love for yourself as well as others.


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