On My Plate

Welcome to my new weekly feature titled On My Plate. On My Plate is a short photo journal highlighting some of my food (and drink)-related moments of the past week -- simply a few pictures with a few thoughts.

Food prepping earlier in the week: Quinoa Stuffed Red Peppers from Skinnytaste. This time around I used orange bell peppers because red bell peppers are quite a bit more expensive at $4.99 each. I wondered why red peppers cost so much more than green, yellow, and orange bell peppers, so, of course, I asked Google. Apparently, a longer ripening period merits a doubling in the price. Anyway, this is one of my favorite recipes from Skinnytaste. I own both Skinnytaste cookbooks and use them more than I have ever used any other cookbook. 

I thought it would be so much fun to plant a garden. Hah! This is work, my friends. I know very little about growing food, so this is really an experiment. I figure even if I fail I will learn something about growing food. This photo is of day one at my rented plot. That little wet spot at the corner of my plot is what I planted on the first day of the project. I had started some pepper and tomato plants indoors. They already died, I think. Now I am on to purchasing plants. I also planted rows of lettuce, spinach, and green beans this past week. And now it is 98 degrees and I don't want to leave home to go tend to the garden. 

Look what I discovered this week! Rose Apple Hard Cider! This is going to be my summer drink. Bring on the ciders!

And I am so happy that it is farmers market season! I have been craving salad. Although it is early in the season, my big bowl of salad goodness contains lettuce mix, kale, and radishes from the farmers market. I buy as much organic food as I can find; locally grown is my preference, but when it isn't available I buy produce from the local grocery store. I love a whole lot of stuff in my salad: lettuce, kale, spinach, tomato, radishes, onion, sliced almonds, bacon bits, dried cranberries, parsley in this one. And homemade dressing is a must. Making your own dressing is really easy, and one more way to move away from packaged and processed. 

Sunday morning. A freshly baked chocolate chip pecan scone from Turtle Acres at the farmers market and a cup of Cafe Fair (organic, fair trade) coffee. 

Have a beautiful week!


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