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Whew! Where do the weeks go? I am a bit late in getting last week's On My Plate photo summary up here on the blog. I have been a bit busy working on a very exciting FOOD project. I can't wait to share it with you all! Here is what's On My Plate at the moment:

I finished reading Robert Mondavi's memoir, Harvests of Joy. It's well worth reading. He begins his life story by taking us back to his parents' roots in Italy, and a deep sense of values instilled in him from his hardworking parents is interwoven throughout the book. This is a man who dreamed big and took great risks, loved his family and friends, lived life with passion, and wasn't too proud to admit his shortcomings. So many good quotes, too:

"The greatest leaders don't rule. They inspire."

"...learning the art of life also requires a heart that is not constricted by fears or prejudices but is open and accepting and filled with compassion."

Currently in my cup: Equal Exchange Organic Breakfast Blend. I needed an add-on item on my last Amazon order, and this was it. I didn't want to order something I didn't need to get my free shipping. Coffee was the answer. 

Saturday's farmers market was a wee bit wet but always worth it for fresh food, what I call real food. I love seeing what's new each week as more fruits and vegetables make their seasonal appearance. This past week I picked up carrots, lettuce mix, spinach, tomatoes, breakfast sausage, and baked goods. 

Sunday morning breakfast at home. So much pure goodness right here on this plate. Whole wheat toast from Meijer's bakery, farm fresh eggs from Amish country, pork breakfast sausage from Cliff's Natural Pork, and a homemade scone from Turtle Acres. 

And more caving to the craving. Dinner again this week from Koi Asian Bistro. Yes, I do like this local restaurant a lot. This is what happens when you order food right after a run: "Just give me one of everything, please!"

In what ways do you incorporate good/better food decisions into your daily life? Feel free to share your own good food habits in the comments. 

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