River Clean-up

In Sept. a group of us from KCC participated in the Kankakee River Clean-up, an annual event organized by the Northern Illinois Anglers Association. This was the first time I participated in the clean-up, although I had wanted to get involved for several years. Something else seemed to always take precedence, or perhaps it was the thought of getting up so early on a Saturday morning that ultimately dissuaded me from getting involved. This year I really felt compelled to get my butt out of bed, partly because of this volunteerism class and partly because I have become more and more drawn to the concept of sustainability. I have become frightened by the abuse of Mother Earth, and I feel that the ecological balance of all living things affects us in many crucial ways. Although we at times crawled up steep ravines and through dense brush and weeds (and poison ivy, I might add!) and lugged large and heavy objects for what seemed like eternity, the experience was worthwhile, much more satisfying than sleep.

And now, pardon me, I need go find that bottle of calamine lotion...


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