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A Short Walk Down the Meal Kit Delivery Path

Wow, I was so far behind on this trend. I used to get groceries delivered once in awhile, but I had no idea you could get entire meals delivered. (By the way, you still have to cook them. When I told a friend I had signed up for a meal kit delivery, she imagined Meals on Wheels.)

As we hear about most things anymore, I learned about meal kit delivery on social media back in August. A "friend" in the same line of work as I am in was investigating meal planning options. She was tired of cooking and eating the same old thing day after day and initiated a conversation about fresh ideas. She mentioned that she signed up for a meal kit delivery membership and then turned around and canceled it hours later (opting instead for another idea). I was intrigued by the conversation, so I began researching these meal kit companies.

Holy smokes, so many of them out there! Plated, HelloFresh, Blue Apron, PeachDish, etc, etc, etc...

After a couple hours of reading reviews and researching com…

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