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On My Plate

Whew! Where do the weeks go? I am a bit late in getting last week's On My Plate photo summary up here on the blog. I have been a bit busy working on a very exciting FOOD project. I can't wait to share it with you all! Here is what's On My Plate at the moment:

I finished reading Robert Mondavi's memoir, Harvests of Joy. It's well worth reading. He begins his life story by taking us back to his parents' roots in Italy, and a deep sense of values instilled in him from his hardworking parents is interwoven throughout the book. This is a man who dreamed big and took great risks, loved his family and friends, lived life with passion, and wasn't too proud to admit his shortcomings. So many good quotes, too:

"The greatest leaders don't rule. They inspire."

"...learning the art of life also requires a heart that is not constricted by fears or prejudices but is open and accepting and filled with compassion."

Currently in my cup: Equal Exchange O…

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