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On Feeding the Soul

Hello, friends,  On this Mindful Monday, let's talk about what feeds your soul. What is it that you do that makes you feel alive, grounded, hopeful? Whatever that is, you must carve out time each week to do it. Feeding your soul is as important as feeding your body. You can't grow if you have been depriving yourself of a good soul-feeding. 
So much unhappiness is a result of starvation of the soul. Whenever you feel pulled toward any measure of darkness, shift your thoughts. Think of what lifts you up and fill yourself up. 
Sometimes it is as simple as a change of environment. I am not talking about a trip around the world here but rather a stepping outside of whatever box that is closing you in. Physically experiencing a different view can stimulate a new way of looking at your life. Plan an evening or a day in a nearby city, take in a movie, try a new restaurant, go for a walk in a park. Just work something into your routine that freshens up your mindset. 
Think of the way …

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