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Celebrating Grape Harvest at the Colorado Mountain Winefest

After 26 hours on the train, I arrived in Grand Junction more than ready to move about the stunning landscape and drink Colorado wine. I had been to Grand Junction for the first time a little over a year ago and fell completely in love with the area, so much so that I almost moved there and still think pretty seriously about doing so. I had hauled my bike along last summer and spent almost the entire month of July biking around the area and soaking up as much local culture as I could. 
But this time around, I left my bike at home and my focus was solely on wine.

As a wine student, currently working on my WSET Level 3 Award in Wines certification, I went to the Colorado Mountain Winefest to learn. What makes Colorado wine Colorado wine, I wondered. I was eager to learn what varieties of grapes are grown, what the soil is like, what winemaking methods/techniques are used, and, most importantly, what the stories are behind the wineries. And, yeah, I wanted to drink wine as well. Essenti…

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