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I Heart Boston (Part 2): A Brief Food & Drink Tour

In my last post, I Heart Boston (Part 1), I shared the highlights of my recent trip to Boston. Because I enjoy eating and drinking at new places (and, really, who doesn't?), I am following up here with a closer look at the establishments I bumped into/explored while in Boston. Sometimes when I travel, I simply grab a quick bite to eat so as not to interfere with the must-see agenda. But most times, where I decide to eat in a new city is a real part of the agenda, somewhere where I want to take time to learn a bit of the story behind the business and get a sense of the local fare.

When I think of food that must be eaten in Boston, I think of lobster rolls and clam chowder, so my only food goal on this trip was to find myself a lobster roll or two. I found that lobster roll and much more. Here are some brief food and drink notes from my Boston getaway:

1. Italian Express Pizzeria, East Boston

What a real gem this place is. I just popped in there by chance. Actually, I walked past it …

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