Running, Running, and More Running

As you can tell from my recent posts, I have been doing a lot of running. That is why I haven't updated my blog lately...nothing to write about besides, well, um, running. So...

It is seven more weeks until the Chicago Marathon...49 days to be exact, but who's counting...

I am up to 16 mile long runs.

I am now a complete running my pre-run drink, my mid-run Power Gel, my hydration belt, my post-run drink, and my Women's Mega Active Vitamins.

And I have the battle scars to prove it...blisters, chafing, a bruise from my water bottle hitting my hip bone for eight entire miles last week...the works!

So right now in my life I am most grateful for rest days! Absolutely love those rest days.


good luck on 10/7. see you there! i'll be the sweaty guy.
Deborah said…
Thanks! Good luck to you, too, John!

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