Up to a Challenge?

I ran into my friend Pat at the Bourbonnais Friendship Festival on Friday night. She had ridden her bike there and told me that she had only spent $16 on gas for the whole month! I have been trying myself to drive less. I walk or ride my bike as much as possible, and then there is my scooter that costs only $4 to fill up, and I haven't put gas in it since the beginning of May.

In all I think I only drove my truck three times last week: to work on Wed. because it was pouring rain, to take my dog to get groomed on Friday, and to my sons' hockey banquet on Saturday night because I had passengers.

I feel inspired now by Pat and am very curious to see just how little I can spend on gas for the month of July. I will post my gas purchases for the month right here. Anyone else up to the challenge?

7-1 $4 to fill up scooter
7-2 $20 for gas in truck to take Nick to Watseka to get braces on
7-10 $15 for gas in truck
7-16 $4 for gas in scooter
7-25 $4.50 gas in scooter
7-25 $15 for gas in truck

Total Gas Purchases for the Month: $62.50


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