The Next Big Thing

The next big thing for me right now is the Chicago Marathon on October 7th. Six weeks away. And I'm struggling with enthusiasm and motivation. It's been two weeks since I've been out for a run. I left off with a 14-mile long run, so it's really not too late to jump back onto the training schedule. If I so desire. And it's going to take a lot of desire.

I really have no excuses. Sometimes I just feel I need more balance in my life. I have a hard time funneling all of my time and energy into one aspect of my life. I love variety. I want my life to be multi-faceted. And when I am forced to become solely focused on one aspect, I yearn for other aspects, for what's missing at that moment. For example, right now, the intense focus on running makes me really miss yoga.

So where is that balance when you commit to a big thing? Maybe I am at a point where I need to stop committing to the big things, at least so many big things, and instead return to the small things, those small things that can be approached with great joy and, well, just be fun. A grassroots sort of thing.

I'm not saying let's not have big goals or not push ourselves to new limits. I love a new challenge and have no intention to stop pushing myself in that respect. What I guess I am saying is that in that quest for bigger and bigger and bigger, a sense of groundedness can't become lost in the process. I just want to make sure that in this push for more, in this continual thirst for the next big thing, I am not losing myself but rather gaining myself.


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