So Many Magazines, So Little Time

Anyone else have this problem? I love subscribing to every one of these magazines: TrailRunner, Bicycling, Bicycle Times, Runner's World, Yoga Journal, Chicago AthleteMarathon & Beyond. I get excited when a new issue shows up in my mailbox. I bring it into my house and set it on the table thinking I am going to find a cozy spot later and read it. But then days later that magazine is still sitting there on the kitchen table. Eventually it will make it to my bedroom where my intention is to read before I fall asleep. Yet I set the magazine next to me on the bed and fall asleep. Then the magazine gets placed on the nightstand, and I plan to read it the next night. Eventually that same half-read or completely unread issue makes it to this pile on the floor next to my bed.

And then it's the end of July, and I am reading last November's Runner's World.


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