My Bike Commuting Challenge

I am taking on a personal challenge. And now that I am putting it out there on THE BLOG, I'm a little intimidated by this particular undertaking and a little frightened about sticking to the commitment.

I have decided to bike to work this entire semester, a course of 17 weeks. It certainly isn't the distance that scares me; it's my own planning and organization and, okay, wimpiness factor. Even though my round-trip commute is a little over 13 miles, I am nervous because this means every day and in every kind of weather. Sure, it's an awesome idea when it is 85 and sunny like today, but how keen am I going to be on riding to work come one of those biting chilly, rainy, and windy October mornings, or better yet a freezing snowy morning in December? This means I have to be a bit more organized in not only getting my work bag together but also in getting my work clothes together and packed in there as well without forgetting something essential, like underwear. This also means I need to leave for work at least ten minutes earlier each day.

But here goes. I'm going for it. I am officially right here right now Committing with a capital C because life is short, and all that jazz. I do, however, need a couple stipulations to cover days when I really can't commute for good reason beyond just being too lazy. Those stipulations include a day when

  • I have to either take my son to school and/or pick him up
  • I have an appointment or event right after work that I can't get to by bike due to time, route, distance
  • I have to haul something to or from work that I can't do so by bike
Right now I can't think of any other reasons to excuse myself from the Commuting Challenge; I'll just have to deal with issues as they arise. I will try to post my progress each week. At the moment I am on Day 3 of the challenge, and so far so good. :)


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