Hangin' with the Guys!

Determined to keep my kids away from their Playstation as much as I possibly can this summer, I am organizing lots of outdoor adventures. Right now, we are on a zoo quest. On June 16th, my two sons and I visited Chicago's Brookfield Zoo, a place we had not visited in many years. I do remember that the last time I was at Brookfield Zoo with them they were both in strollers, so, yes, it has been awhile. Our recent trip then led to our curiosity about Chicago's Lincoln Park Zoo, a place we had never visited. So yesterday my two boys, along with their two friends, and I took the train to the city and spent the entire day at Lincoln Park Zoo. What a time we had! My pack of boys, from age 9 to 11, most enjoyed the crazy antics of the monkeys, apes, and gorillas. They also liked pedaling paddle boats around the pond with the Chicago skyline as a backdrop. I most enjoyed hanging out with them on a beautiful day in a beautiful city. They kept me entertained.


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