Dog Tales

I made the right choice for a dog. Zuri is four months old now and so sweet. We have gotten pretty attached to each other. As I write this entry, she is under my desk biting my toes. Usually, though, she sleeps at my feet while I work, but she knows the minute I sneak away, no matter how quiet I am, and wakes up and follows me. I can't walk from one room to another without her tagging along.

She has gotten a lot bolder as well. I can't take her out front anymore without her leash because she darts off into the street. She used to stay in our yard and venture out only as far as the sidewalk, but not anymore. If she can get out the front door, she's gone, and then it takes bribing her with a treat to come back.

It's hard to think back to how little she was when we got her. She was seven weeks old and only 2.8 pounds. Today she weighed 8.4 pounds.


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