Saturday Morning at the Farmers Market

I love Saturday mornings. As soon as I get my morning run in, I rush over to the Kankakee County Farmers Market. This is the way shopping for food should be: going from booth to booth in the open air, chatting with the people who grow and know the food they sell, meeting up with friends and neighbors along the way to discuss purchases and food preparation. Sometimes I even take my dog along. Just try that at your local big box grocery store.

I now buy almost everything I eat for the week at the farmers market, so it is imperative that I make it there each Saturday. Tomatoes, lettuce, onion, broccoli, zucchini, potatoes, green beans, peas, even breads and meats and eggs and desserts. As my dinner menu is now driven by the seasonal availability of food, it is fun to see what new choices arrive each week. For instance, fruit is making its way to the market. One vendor had blueberries and cherries from Michigan this week. I already ate the cherries and plan to make a cobbler with the blueberries. As I write, I am roasting a free-range chicken in my oven, which I will eat with a delicious fresh salad and new potatoes covered in butter and basil.

Mmmm...I am so into food right now.


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