Merry Christmas to Me!

Admit it! While out doing your Christmas shopping, you snuck in a few new things for yourself, now didn't you? It's okay; so did I, but I didn't go overboard. I didn't go out and buy that portable DVD player that I so want. I still may lose all sense of self-discipline some point soon and do so, but I haven't yet. Instead I went to the King Arthur Flour website and ordered white bread flour, wheat flour, a pink spatula, and a pink whisk. And then while at Best Buy to pick up some movies for my parents, I picked up one for myself, Adaptation, and some Kitchenaid kitchen scissors. Food and movies seems to be my holiday theme this year.

So 'fess up...what did you buy for yourself??


Trisha said…
Ahhh, I always buy myself stuff at Christmas. I bought Water for Elephants, Lost and Philosophy, the third season of Lost, and It's Easy Being Green.
Deborah said…
Well, Merry Christmas to you!! hee hee

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