How Do You Treat Yourself?

I once worked with someone who bought herself pink champagne and a box of Fannie May when she got paid every two weeks. It was a lifelong ritual for this woman, Peg, who worked well into her eighties.

I don't have a payday ritual myself, but once in awhile I like to treat myself in a small way. My treats are rather inconsistent and random, though. I don't treat myself every payday, and what I choose as my treat depends on my mood. Yesterday, Pay Day, I bought a Tracy Chapman CD (I had been in the mood for her music all week long)...and not only that but bought a new portable CD player with an MP3 connection. Then I went home and spent my Friday evening relaxing to Tracy Chapman...I'm ready for the rivers to wash over me... At other times, I end up at Barnes and Noble and treat myself to a new book and a latte.

So, I am curious. How do you treat yourself?


Trisha said…
Books, books, TV on DVD, books, some clothes (one shop per season), and some more books. I'm a simple girl.
Brandon said…
Wine. Good vino, something with a cool label and a lot of vowels in the name. Kroger has a decent selection now, but if I can ever get up to Binny's Beverage Depot in Orland ... well, it's like Heaven with a hefty receipt.
Deborah said…
I never heard of that place, Brandon! Let me know when you are going. I want to go, too!

Yes,, wine, books...ah, that is all we need in life!
jerry2950 said…
I use music and books and wine also -- all good to me.
In fact, I can add nothing to this impressive and comprehensive list -- except perhaps that I indulge by going away from sound diet and eating habits.

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