Juicing...It Takes Some Getting Used To

The juicer arrived, and so I am on to something new and different.

It all started when I went running with my friend Dan a week ago. He was talking about his juicer and how he has been juicing for years. He sparked my curiosity. As soon as I got home from running, I started researching juicers, and, let me tell you, making a decision on one is no easy task, and finding a top quality juicer in the Bourbonnais area is impossible.

I initially thought I would spend about $50 or $60 on one, and after being stumped as to which brand I wanted after my online research, I decided to go look at them in the brick and mortar stores. I went from Bed, Bath, and Beyond to Walmart to Target to Carson Pirie Scott to Kmart only to go home empty-handed when I was really, really itching to get a juicer that particular day and get juicing. I had even stocked up on fruits and veggies in preparation because I thought it would be so easy to go out and get one. Perhaps these stores simply weren't restocked after Christmas, but in each store there were only one or two models to choose from, and nothing really struck my fancy, except the Breville two-speed I saw at Bed, Bath, and Beyond for $149, but that one was out of stock. Once I saw that little beauty, though, I knew I wanted a Breville. Made largely of stainless steel with variable speed, there really is no comparison to all the plastic numbers that are out there, and juicer reviews consistently point to Breville as the brand to buy.

I decided to go back online to buy my Breville. My narrowed focus on Breville then led me to the Breville Ikon 5-speed juicer, but with a retail price of $199, I decided the $149 2-speed model was more than sufficient. After all, I had never even tried juicing and wasn't even sure I would stick with it for the long haul...you know, past the novelty phase of the first week or two. Then I got on eBay, where I found the Breville Ikon for a "buy it now" price of $184 with free shipping and no sales tax. Need I say more. That baby is now mine. Mine. Mine. Mine. And I am committed, if for no other reason than a financial one. I spent too much money on this little machine to pack it away in its box.

So my little Breville sits all shiny and pretty on my counter top, and I am living the juicing life...for two whole days now. Yesterday I made a concoction of carrot-celery-apple juice. Today I made a concoction of carrot-celery-apple-garlic-lemon-ginger root juice. It was, um, okay...um, different... Let's just say it takes a little getting used to. But I think it is going to be okay; my taste buds are just in training right now. I'm committed, remember, so I'm sticking with it one glass a day, one day at a time.

Or at least until I run out of fruits and vegetables.


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