What's on Your iPod?

I am following Brandon's lead here. In his latest blog post, he mentioned how he is into David Bowie at the moment. That makes me think/wonder about two things: what were the last five songs you added to your iPod and what were the last three cds you bought...physically bought not downloaded?

For me, the last five downloaded songs:
Put a Little Love in Your Heart -- Scooter Lee
I Hear You Knocking -- Wynonna
Ooo Baby Baby -- Smokey Robinson
Somebody to Love -- Grace Slick
Superstition -- Stevie Wonder

Last three purchased cds:
Soul -- Seal
The Dance -- Fleetwood Mac
Sing Chapter 1 -- Wynonna


Brandon said…
The last songs I downloaded were all part of an album by Ojos de Brujo called Bari. Before that, of course, was the Bowie album. As for the CD's, I haven't purchased an actual CD in more than a year... maybe two? Sign of the times, I guess!
Trisha said…
Hmmm... downloaded songs were a few from Cansei de Ser Sexy, T.I.'s Whatever you like, a Rihanna CD, and some ZZ Top. And ditto to Brandon; I haven't purchased a CD in years.
Deborah said…
I still buy cds, but I am very selective about what I buy. If I really love the artist and know that I want to listen to every song, then I will go buy the cd...mainly because I don't want to have to search for what I am in the mood to listen to on my iPod and then there is the other issue of not being able to listen to my iPod in the car or at work. Right now I have been obsessed with Fleetwood Mac's The Dance and have been listening to it in my car over and over and over for about the last two weeks. I don't think I could ever tire of listening to Tusk performed with the USC marching band.

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