May Already?

In one more week I will be off for the summer. Oddly, though, it doesn't feel as if the academic year could possibly be almost over. It doesn't feel like May to me. Hmm...

But there are so many things I want to get to when all the academic stuff gets wrapped up, and I am looking forward to these things.

I want to plant a small garden again this summer.

I want to rearrange my home office. Right now my desk faces the wall, and I have come to the conclusion that my creativity, as a result, is hitting the wall as well. I need to turn the whole works around so that I am looking out of my patio door on to my deck and toward the outdoors. I am feeling more refreshed already.

I want to do some fun things with my kids. In June we will be going on a much-needed vacation, a Caribbean cruise. Last year we didn't go anywhere, so we are really looking forward to taking a real vacation together. Colin and I have already started our summer wish list of additional places to go and things to see that are closer to home, such as going to the Art Institute and visiting more Frank Lloyd Wright houses.

My number one priority, though, will be getting my syntheses and my dissertation written. I am going to do it. The timing is perfect now.


Trisha said…
I love summer plans! I haven't started on mine yet but you have inspired me. Unfortunately, I will have to teach two classes in the 6 week session; but that still leaves me plenty of time to do some very non-academic activities. :)

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