It's Hot!

It's feeling like summer now. The humidity came out of nowhere last Friday, and it has been miserable here ever since, somewhere around 90 and super humid. I sure was loving the cooler temps. I have decided that I want to live somewhere where it never gets much warmer than 75-80 degrees in the summer with low humidity. That would be perfect for summer biking and running, and, well, everything else.

I went on my first summer excursion into the city yesterday. I took the train into Chicago to go see Mr. Art Critic at the Gene Siskel Film Center. I was interested in this film not only because it was about art but because of the Mackinac Island setting. I really enjoyed the film...funny, good acting, beautiful scenery. While in the city, I stopped at Borders to look for the new "uncut" edition of Hemingway's A Moveable Feast, (un)edited by Hemingway's grandson Sean, but, unfortunately, it isn't on the shelf yet. Can't wait for that...any day now.


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