Ooooh, boy!

I should know by now not to ignore the kids' backpacks at the end of the school year. But year after year, that is what usually happens. Once they get out at the end of May or early June, they cart their bags in the house and drop them, and that's that until we need to pull them out again in August to begin getting organized for a new school year. Actually, Colin's backpack was in my car most of the summer, and then at some point made it to the garage where it sat for several weeks until I brought it inside. I decided today to open the backpack for the first time post-school year to see what supplies could be salvaged for the upcoming school year, and, oh my, what interesting things I found there. Yikes.

I opened up the bag and yelled to Colin how something really smelled in there. After ridding the bag of the surface papers and winter gloves and hat and two calculators, I uncovered a sandwich. No kidding. A ziploc sandwich bag filled with something no longer able to be identified. Other less threatening items included an unopened juice box and a bottle of Gatorade. And an envelope of money. Hmmm. The money and the permission slip for his flouride treatments that he neglected (probably on purpose because he doesn't like the taste of the flouride) to turn in. All in all, between flouride treatment money and loose change, I collected $4.40 from his backpack. And after seeing that sandwich in there, you can bet the money is mine.


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