I Guess This Is It

The final weekend of summer. Going into it, I was a bit sad that I wasn't doing something really exciting, like going away somewhere for the weekend. But as it usually happens when there aren't expectations, it ended up being quite a nice weekend.

I ran my first race since February, the Herscher Hare and Tortoise 5K, and was very happy with my time, considering that I still am restricted to running only twice a week. I finished at 27:51 and ended up placing 2nd in my age group. If I can get back to about 25:00, I will be very content. It was so nice to see so many running friends again, too.

I got up this morning and met my biking buddy, Deisy, at the state park, and we rode the 21-mile trail together for the first time in about a month. What a perfect day for it, too. Absolutely gorgeous out, warm with a nice breeze. I never get tired of biking out there. I love the mostly paved trail and the hills. Of course, when I am going up the hills, I yell back to Deisy how much I hate them. I really love the challenge, though. You know how it is to have a love-hate relationship with something.

I'm still hoping to get away for a weekend really soon, though. I would love to go camping before it gets too cold out. We will see.


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