A Weekend of Hibernation

That's pretty much it for my weekend. I had plans, but I opted out and holed up inside all weekend. I was supposed to go camping Saturday, but when I woke up to a really blah chilly and rainy day, I pretty much decided that I didn't want to go sit out in it, much less sleep in it. I have been cold enough inside the house. Instead I broke down and turned on my furnace and did a bit of reading, a bit of cleaning (until the belt broke on my vacuum cleaner), and then decided it was a good day for cooking something. I thought about pasta but ended up making potato soup.

Today I am trying to be disciplined and grade essays. It sure would make my week much easier if I could stick with the grading today. So far, I have one set down and three more to go...not to mention all the reading that I assigned.

It has been so nice and quiet this weekend, and I'm really sort of enjoying it.


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