Feels Like Winter Now!

Snow finally. And I love it. I got the cross country skis out today for the first time in about ten years and skied about four miles at the state park. It was beautiful and so quiet. A couple of cars went through the park, but I didn't see one other person on the trail. The trail was a little rough for cross country skiing, and I think my skis need waxed or something. I wasn't moving very quickly, but it felt good to get outside and get a bit of exercise.


Trisha said…
You are such an active person! X-country skiing?!?! That is so cool.
Deborah said…
I was feeling it last night, too. I had to take ibuprofen before I went to bed. Have you recovered from your Vegas trip?
Trisha said…
It took a week, but these old bones are finally feeling okay. Isn't ibuprofen the best?!

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