My 45th

The birthday was awesome. I started the day with a 5K in Clifton. I mentioned earlier that my goal was to break 27 minutes this week. I didn't. But I sure got close, finishing at 27:02...ugh. Maybe next week. Out of 56 women, I finished 15th, so I am happy with that.

The rest of the day was spent in Chicago with my two very good friends, Deisy and Martha. We did the usual strolling around Millennium Park for a bit before heading off to The Berghoff for dinner (one of my favorite restaurants). And, of course, there was a bit of shopping (well-deserved splurging?) as well. Then to top it off, right as we were leaving the Loop, a quite spectacular rainbow spread across the sky over the lake. Of course, I saw that as a personal sign of good luck/abundance. I mean, really, how often do you see a rainbow on your birthday? And right at the end of a most perfect day.


Megan said…
A very happy birthday to you, Deb! You look very happy and great, the rainbow is a wonderful ending to a perfect sounding day!
Deborah said…
Thanks, Megan! Yes, it was a nice day. I feel as if I have aged a lot this summer, though. We sure need to get together for that cup of coffee, don't we?!

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