My Bench

Yesterday was one of those absolutely beautiful fall days. You know the type. Just so perfect. Sunny and warm. Yet the leaves are beginning to fall, and there's that feeling that there won't be many more days like this. There is a certain sense of urgency to get outside and to fully take it all in.

And so I went for ride. 30 miles in all. I rode my bike to the state park and rode the 21-mile trail. So peaceful. Here's a picture of my bench, the place on the trail where I usually take a break and just sit and think for a bit. I'm hoping for quite a few more days like this in the coming weeks.

Happy Fall, all.


Anonymous said…
Reading that just compounds my sense of urgency, the same that you describe. Winter will be here soon and we won't be out enjoying our bike rides or running our 5Ks.
Deborah said…
I am determined to bundle up and get out to run and bike on as many snow-free days as I can this winter. It isn't going to be easy, but I have a good network of running and biking friend to push me a bit.

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