Feeling 2011

About those New Year goals for 2010... well, I, um, didn't achieve one of them. Not one.

Essentially, 2010 was a very quiet year for me. I didn't travel, didn't write much, didn't read much, didn't socialize much. But I was totally okay with all of that because it was a very fruitful year for me in terms of feeling grounded and content. I realize now going into 2011 that I needed that stillness in my life. 2010 wasn't about doing but rather about feeling.

I spent a lot of years feeling at only a certain level or, perhaps, trying not to feel anything at all. I knew I had reached complete emotional detachment when as a teenager I had trained myself to take a beating from my mother and not cry. But this isn't a feel-sorry post about my life. This is a post about letting go of those things that hold us back in life, those things that people spend lifetimes hanging on to rather than moving forward and creating their own wonderful joyful life. I know it sounds cliche to say that yesterday is over, but, frankly, it is. Thankfully, sometimes, it is.

So, for 2011 I am not going to make a list of goals. I am simply going to focus on one thing. Feeling. Feeling with a capital F. Feeling love for myself and others (even when it hurts). Feeling creative and energized. Feeling appreciative for all the blessings in my life. Most of all, feeling in control of my own happiness. Just think about how many goals will be achieved by the end of the year when feeling the goodness all around us leads the way.

Annie Dillard wrote, "The present is a freely given canvas." May your canvas be filled with much love and light (and a whole lotta feeling!). Happy 2011!


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