The Running Side of Life

I have managed to keep up with my running this winter. This never happens. I always quit in the winter even though I say I won't. Once the days start getting shorter and the temperature starts plummeting, I am notorious for quickly talking myself out of getting a run in. You know the reasons...too cold, too tired after work (before work). And, so, my usual routine is to start back running in May, which means I then spend the entire summer trying to regain the previous end-of-summer fitness level and race times. It's so frustrating.

Now, finally, I haven't quit! The biggest reason for that is the network of running friends I have connected with. We have all been motivating each other and going on group runs and competing in races together all winter long. This has been such a truly amazing part of my life right now. I am so inspired by these friends. When I see people who have far heavier workloads or far more family obligations than I do getting their runs in, I find it difficult to accept my own excuses.

And, so, when I mentioned in the last post that the first half of 2011 is already so full, part of that has to do with running events. I have run three races already this year and have committed to so many more, including the Illinois Half Marathon April 30, the Rockford Marathon (on a relay team) May 15, and the Soldier Field 10 May 28. Those are just the events I have registered for at this point. There are many other races I plan to participate in as well. So far this year, I have run three races:
Siberian Express 7.45 Trail Run in 1:19:05
Midwinter Cruise 5K 26:35
Winterfest 5K 25:57

Next on the agenda is a 9-mile hill run in March.

That, my friends, wraps up today's running report. I can't wait to tell you what's happening with biking. That will be the topic of my next post. Happy Trails!


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