A Running Report

I ran two more races since my last report: the Mountain Goat Run 15K in Danville at 1:30:23 and the Spring Fever 5K in Kankakee at 26:36. Initially, I was first place in my age group in the 5K, but later the posted race results showed me as third place masters (all women over 40). My next race will be a 10K on April 16. Then I will be running a half marathon on April 30th.

I have really stepped up my training and have been focusing heavily on cross training because I want to be physically strong overall to prevent injury. I have been battling piriformis syndrome these last couple months, and I think cross training has been the key in the healing process (along with therapy and lots and lots of icing). Weight training, yoga, and cycling now are all an important part of my weekly training. I might even throw in some kickboxing here and there.


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