The Road to 70.3

Today begins 18 weeks of training for my first half ironman. Just look at me, would ya?! I completed my first and only triathlon just last August, and a sprint at that, and here I am going for a half ironman. Actually, I plan to do two half ironmans this year, one in June and another in July. I have decided to resurrect the blog as an avenue for motivation, as a tool to help keep me as focused as I can be. I have never really followed a training plan religiously. When I last ran the Chicago Marathon (in 2007), I followed Hal Higdon's novice training schedule, but I cheated a lot. I don't want to cheat this time around. I want to give this all I have. And doing so isn't going to be easy -- mainly because I have reached a point in my life where I have developed a real "screw it" attitude. Today, though, begins a new focus and a new plan (tri-newbies intermediate). I am going to give this my best shot.


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