Winter Woes and Being Thankful for Brand New Days

Good Wednesday, friends. It's a cold and crisp 25 degrees with a feels like temp of 17 here in Northern Illinois, and we already have several inches of snow on the ground. It definitely feels like winter, and so far I am okay with it. I have come to the realization that neither frost nor snow nor gale-force winds should be enough to keep me from getting outdoors to do the things I love, that all one really needs is the right gear.


Okay, so the reality is that I struggle to come out from under my comforter on days like this. And I would much rather sit here all day behind my computer sipping a nice hot cup of coffee and place orders for all that cool looking functional cold weather gear. The truth is I would much rather hibernate all winter long. Wake me up when spring gets here, okay. That is what I am really okay with.

But seriously, don't we all do this? Envision how much we are going to enjoy taking up a specific sport/activity if only we had all the right gear? We have these big dreams of what we are going to do, yet once we gather up all the cool fun apparatus, we get out there once or twice, and that new obsession falls to the wayside. The way we envision ourselves and the way we really are can many times be polar extremes. It's easy to want but so much harder to do. Like that Runner's World Run Streak I posted below. I was so eager to do that. I was so motivated. I wanted to streak, damnit. But I never even got started. Nope, not one mile completed. All I have to offer instead is excuses. You know, I was just too darn busy on Thanksgiving Day to get out there for even ten minutes to get at least one mile in. And I couldn't get out for a run the next day or the day after that because I've been TOO BUSY. Don't you get it?! I am a busy person. In all honesty, I can't remember when I ran last.


But here is the cool part of it all. Every single day we have the opportunity to start again.

So right after I place this order for my new winter helmet and then skip on over to Amazon to stock up on some of those neat hand warming thingies and maybe some for my feet, too, and then check my email for some great deals on winter gear at The Clymb, and dig out and reinventory all my base layers, I am going to get outside and do something really fun.

You just wait and see.

But first, I need another cup of coffee.


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