Me and My Pink Ukulele

While walking along Main Street in Grand Junction, I spotted a pink ukulele in the window of Hart Music. I thought it was the cutest thing, of course, and it took me back to, oh, about 20 years ago when I got the urge to take up the guitar. I bought a guitar and started lessons, but I didn't stay with it very long... maybe a couple months or so. I think all I learned to play was Jingle Bells... a very, very slow version of Jingle Bells.

The guitar sits in a corner of a spare bedroom and hasn't been taken out of the case in years.

But the ukulele... I started thinking maybe because it is a much smaller instrument it might be easier to handle, and now that my kids are grown and my yoga teacher training is completed and I've reignited my creativity fire (that second chakra!) and I've slowed down at many levels to simply enjoy life a bit more... that maybe this would be the perfect time to learn to play an instrument.

I kept thinking about that pink ukulele. I went back to Hart Music a couple days later and bought it. I have no clue how to play it, but I am excited as hell to have it. I will be starting lessons next week. Someone told me to give it 15 lessons before giving up. So that's my plan. Right now, when I pick that thing up and pluck and strum (is that the correct lingo!?) the strings, I feel so very awkward and think that I will never be able to play the ukulele. I remember absolutely nothing from those guitar days long, long ago.

Now what? lol

I'm thinking this is going to be a fun(ny) journey. No matter how frustrated I become, I will give this crazy little idea 15 lessons and will be documenting my weekly progress here. Right now I am eager to learn and can't wait to get started!


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