Am I a Hippy?

I was caught off guard today when a salesperson suddenly looked up at me and asked, "Are you a hippy?" Of course I looked at him quite puzzled and said, "What?" I hadn't ever thought that I looked like a hippy, and I had never been mistaken for one; when I think of a hippy, actually I think of my older brother, who is nine years older than I, and I think of lots of hair and a tie-dyed t-shirt with perhaps a big marijuana leaf ironed on the front. No, that isn't my look at all. No, I never inhaled...

Then he pointed at the t-shirt I was wearing and said, "Treehugger." Oh, now I see... "I'm not a hippy," I tell him, "I'm an environmentalist."

I finish my business and walk away. But still I am puzzled and frightened: environmentalism is a subculture. Just when exactly did that happen?

And now where the hell is my One World t-shirt?


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