N.I.A.A. Kids Fishing Day

I had really been looking forward to taking my son (the self-proclaimed "indoors kid") fishing this morning. I had a grand notion that he would instantly bond with nature, that he would suddenly transform into an "outdoors kid." That didn't exactly happen... he was cold...he was frustrated that his line kept getting caught up in the reel while casting...he was impatient that the fish weren't biting...he was not interested in just standing there staring at a little red and white bobber...he wanted to keep moving around to find a better spot. Simply dropping a line in the water and watching it was not the pace that my video-game-generation child was accustomed to. Fishing was a whole new experience for him, and he seemed quite uncomfortable about his lack of control, for if this was a videogame, he might be able to take control somehow by changing the game settings to his advantage. While playing his NHL Playstation game, for instance, he has been known to pull the goalie of the opposing team in order for his team to win in a big way. Today he didn't win in a big way. He didn't catch the winning 15 inch fish; he didn't catch any fish. But he didn't lose, either, and neither did I. He decided that he would fish again sometime and that he would learn to be more patient. And when it was over, he looked up at me and said, "Thanks Mom."


Lynette Adams said…
Hey Debbie, nice to read you! I've added you to my bookmarks.

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