A Jumpstart on the New Year's Resolutions

Every year some type of health and fitness goal is at the top of my list of New Year's resolutions. Usually it has to do with running. There was one year when I was so motivated that I went out running on New Year's Day. But like most people, my New Year's resolutions become distant memories just a few weeks later. In 2005, to reignite my running, I resolved to run the Prairie State Road Runners' circuit. I ran three races; after the Frosty Five-Miler in February, my motivation slipped into icy depths as well.

This year I have a new plan.

I am getting a jumpstart on getting fit. I am doing everything I can think of to ensure that my fitness resolutions not only survive but thrive well past February.

To begin, I have engaged others in my quest. I need people to nag at me to work out (I don't particularly love it), so I told my office mate that I would join our work fitness center with her. It's free...can't beat that. But it is all the way across town, and I can't see myself driving there on my days off when I would be more likely to work out. To cover my bases, then, I joined a fitness center so close to my place that I can walk there...and signed my son up as well. Nothing can be more motivating than a harping 12-year-old. He bugs the shit out of me when he wants to do something. I'm counting on him to continue.

Now that I am armed with fitness allies, I am ready to hit the new year running. And kickboxing doesn't sound too bad either.


Art said…
Very impressive green scene and well-lighted-place! Easy to see why you teach English! Your writing, spelling, and grammar is perfekt! Nice pictures of you and your kids in Chitown. Too funny what your son said about the barbies!

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