Brrrr...It's cold!

But I ran. As much as I put it off all morning, I talked myself into facing the cold weather and going for a run. Just finding the right running clothes was no small feat in itself...the search for the thick running pants...the running gloves...etc.

Not wanting to face the big hill at Riverfront Park and the monstrous hill just outside of it that has left my calves tight and aching for the past two days, I changed up my route today. I ran through Briarcliff, pretty much the same route as the Bourbonnais Friendship Fest 5K. I felt really good today and ran at a pretty even pace and, best of all, didn't feel as if I was going to croak every step of the way. I ran 3.1 miles in 31:31. Making progress with distance anyway. Hope to break thirty minutes in the Jingle Run next weekend.


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