Moving: Part II

Ooooo...I could barely get out of bed this morning. Everything aches.

I didn't hire a mover, did the moving almost entirely by myself. I closed on the house last Tuesday the 27th, but it was in desperate need of a complete repainting inside, not to mention floor to ceiling scrubbing. I did hire a professional for the painting. There isn't anything worse than a sloppy paint job in a home--with uneven paint lines and paint splattered on woodwork--and, well, that is what this was. Looks beautiful now, though. My painter finished up yesterday. I wish I could say that I have finished up with the scrubbing part, but I have so much more to do, that is, if my body will hold up a bit My knees are bruised from scrubbing the tile floor on my hands and knees and my arms and back are sore from scrubbing doors, woodwork, cabinets, the refrigerator and then moving heavy boxes. As for the big stuff, like beds, couches, dining room table, etc., I hired a maintenance guy from my college. He showed up with his pickup truck, and the two of us moved the furniture. Once we arrived at the house, though, I have to admit, my painter took over my end of the lifting. I must have looked pretty pitiful!

And so far, here is what I have learned about buying someone else's home: you aren't necessarily better off getting their major appliances in the deal. I gave up midway through scrubbing the refrigerator out with bleach. Still need to go back to that job. And the stove, well, forget that. I took one look inside and yelled, "I am NOT going there!" I drove to Lowe's and bought a new stove--a cool one, too, with a fifth oval burner on top with a griddle (won't come until next week, though). My 12-year-old is excited; he loves to make pancakes. He reported to his father that I bought a stove "with a girdle."

My plan today is to finish getting my stuff out of the apartment. Pretty much all that is left is clothes and books...lots of books...almost 600 to be exact...

Looks like getting out of bed tomorrow morning won't be any easier.


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