Moving: Part III

I'm not getting as much done in a day as I'd like to. What else is new?! I'm still not completely out of the apartment. I still have the 600 books to move...Ugh! And, well, I didn't mention my shoes. Should I be embarrassed to admit that I have maybe 75 pairs of shoes...maybe even 100?

In the beginning of this move, I had a system going. I'd scrub down a certain spot in the new place so that when I brought a box in I could empty it immediately. It was working well for a day or two, but now I'm sore and tired and plain sick of scrubbing--so the boxes are now accumulating in my family room.

I just don't think I can lift another box. I'm not just whining, either. I am so sore that it hurts when I sneeze. I'm not kidding. It's dreadful.


Trisha said…
There is nothing worse than moving boxes of books when you are already tired. Heavy suckers. I feel so bad for you!

But think of the excitement of setting up a new place; the joys of having a yard; the mine all mine feel to a house; organizing your books! I looooove organizing books. :)
Deborah said…
Well, right now those books are getting organized right in Nick's closet. I need to get some bookshelves built, but right now I need to stop writing so many checks...yikes!!

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