Last Week of the Semester

Yes, it is THAT week again...the one where I work against the clock to grade the last set of 100 final papers and exams...the 16th week of the semester. That leaves finals week next week and grades due by Friday at noon. Thankfully, it is nice out today, so I will head out to my lounge chair on the deck with a stack of essays with the goal of getting one class finished up.

I won't procrastinate. I won't allow myself to daydream about how I will spend my time after next Friday...I won't think about how I want to go running or ride my bike regularly, or how I want to spend a whole day just reading, or how I want to get my flowers planted, or how I want to get my deck stained and my pool opened and buy a nice patio set... No, I won't.


Trisha said…
I realize it's well after the fact, but hahahahahahahaha. You procrastinated. You know you did. As did I. As do we all.
Deborah said…
Yep, I sure did. As the saying goes, "Why do today what you can put off until tomorrow!"

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