Love Summer! Does Wonders for Mind, Body, Spirit

Once I wrap up my spring semester, it's officially summer to me--and my time to decompress and recharge. I've been off for only a week, but I've already begun to make a mental list of things that make me feel really happy and grounded in the summer:

  • running
  • biking
  • going to the farmers' market
  • sitting out on my deck having coffee, tea, wine or relaxing in my lounge chair and reading
  • going for long walks...or short walks
  • taking the train into Chicago to treat myself or the kids to a play, or the zoo, or a museum

Now this doesn't mean that I have no work to do this summer. In fact, I have to write two book reviews for journals, a chapter for a book, a paper for a conference presentation, and syntheses for comprehensive exams, but I have laptop and will travel. Today, for instance, I sat out on my deck and read past copies of the Margaret Laurence Review and revised one of my book reviews a bit. So during May, June, and July, and the first half of August, you won't find me in my can find me on my deck. But you better call first, I might be out running, or biking, or going to the farmers' market...


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