1 Week to 26.2

Next week this time the Chicago Marathon will be over. Eighteen weeks of training done.

Today, though, I can think of nothing else. I sit here tired after having run eight miles first thing this morning, and I wonder how I can suddenly feel more fatigued after eight miles than I did just a couple of weeks ago after I ran twenty. The physical battle has been won with weeks and weeks of intense training behind me; now the mental battle looms as I obsess over my every move. Am I exerting too much energy now that will affect my running next week? Perhaps I should forgo all social activities this week. Am I eating the right foods? Perhaps I should eat only spaghetti this entire week. Am I getting enough rest? Perhaps I should go to bed at 9:30 every night. Am I wearing the right shoes on a daily basis? Perhaps I shouldn't switch back and forth between heels and flats.

The running, that's the easy part of this.


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