The Run to Work Challenge

Here it is only three weeks away from the Chicago Marathon, and I still have $550 to raise as a Charity Runner for the American Cancer Society. Scary. As a result, I am making an official announcement in the college's staff newsletter on Monday that if my coworkers help me meet my goal by the end of the day on Thurs. Sept. 20 I will run to work on Friday the 21st. That would be just over seven miles from Bourbonnais to the college on the south side of Kankakee. Scary.

To track my progress or to donate, go to


Trisha said…
While you are running to work, will you please please please do so in your normal work clothes. Ooooh and hold your bag over your head like some sort of surreal army training run.
Deborah said…
Hee hee! Yes, I'll do it in a skirt and

Well, I'm not even at 50% of the goal at this point. Phil Angelo mentioned this in the paper tonight (in his column on the editorial page), so maybe that will generate funds.

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