Budget Cuts and Financial Investments

I've taken a few small steps toward saving money. I eliminated the $15 movie channel that was never being watched and signed up for Netflix instead. Since I am not usually a big movie watcher, I opted for the $8.99/month plan that allows an unlimited number of movies, one at a time with no late fees. Will our local Family Video stay in business without me? I think entire salaries are paid from my late fees.

I shopped around on car insurance, and, yes, Geico does save you money...lots of money. From switching to Geico, I saved over $800 in just a six-month period. It's worth checking out.

I discovered Aldi. I can't believe what a product label snob I was. The savings is unbelievable there as well, and the food is really good, really. Last night, for instance, I left with my two reusable grocery bags overflowing and a case of water and a carton of juice boxes, and my total bill was $39.28! I had 30 items, including meat! I am impressed with the company's commitment toward sustainability, too.

I also opened a high-yield savings account on E-Trade and am having a bit of cash out of each paycheck transferred there automatically, and I have invested in a mutual fund as well.

So call me cheap or call me smart. I don't know. All I know is that instead of two steps forward and one step back, I think I now am moving forward one step at a time.

Now...if I could only stay away from Marshalls...


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