Reversing the Flow of Money (Part II)

I am focused on money right now because I find it depressing to have to write so many checks. Life is nonstop check writing. Car insurance, house payment, groceries, phone, electricity, water, gas, on and on and on, and just when you think you might get a handle on it all, here comes the property tax. We then get so used to this paying out that we take it for granted and don't fight back in any way. I know there isn't a whole lot we can do but pay the bills, but I begin to wonder how much I am paying for that I don't really need. Do I need a cell phone and a land line? Do I need the movie channel on my satellite TV? Do I need the level of coverage I am paying car insurance for?

The whole world just seems to be fighting for a piece of my paycheck, and I just feel the need to reevaluate expenses and to try to hold on to as much as I can.


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