Reversing the Flow of Money (Part I)

Talking about our money isn't something we like to do. We have this strange code of silence when it comes to money. We don't speak about how much we make and we don't speak about how much we spend. Sure, we talk about shopping in general and about the items we buy, and even openly gloat about our great new coat or shoes, but we don't announce what we've actually spent unless we are particularly proud of finding a great buy.

Why don't we? Why such silence about money?

We all admit to overspending. We hear about America being the land supreme of credit card debt and mortgage foreclosures. Seems to me speaking out about our misuse of money might be our first step toward recovery. Seems to me we could offer some support among friends and family to resist the pressure to pull out a credit card at every turn if only we were more aware of their propensity to be drawn toward spending. You know, there is the 15% discount offered if we charge instead of pay cash, the rewards perks, the buy now-pay later, the no interest until the next century, et cetera et cetera. There is always the pressure to spend, never the pressure to save--and then a code of silence that blankets all sense of awareness.

It's not that I particularly want to hear what my friends and family are spending on what; it is simply that I think it is time to break the silence about spending in order to reverse the flow of our money. We are letting money-hungry corporate America force us into financial frenzy.

But we can't tell a soul.

Isn't there something just a bit oppressive about that?


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