Easter Morning Thoughts...

I'm up early, 7:30 now, and drinking tea, checking messages, etc. I love this time of day. I am the only one awake, and the house is completely quiet, and it is clean. Except for a few wine glasses on the counter left over from a small party I had last night with some close girlfriends, my house is amazingly clean. I love waking up to that, especially on Easter morning.

It feels like Easter, too. The birds are singing, and the sun is shining, although it is still quite chilly outside. After a really long, cold winter, it suddenly feels like spring.

I love this feeling, what a contrast to the usual weekday morning chaos of getting everyone ready and out the door for work and school.

There has to be a way to make this Easter morning calmness a regular part of our lives. That is my Easter wish for everyone...that all will be able to slow down and smell the Easter lilies.


jerry2950 said…
Hey, by the way -- I am going web with the help of my techie offsprings.

check this out

I would be curious to know what you and others think of the layout, and what you think should be the content.
Deborah said…
Wow, that is very cool! I like the idea of documenting your travels. I want to see proof that you really hiked up the Grand Canyon! ha ha

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